Initiative ‘Buzludzha Project’

Bulgarian Ministry of Culture will accelerate the procedure of Monument Designation to Buzludzha Monument.

Initiative 'Buzludzha Project'

During the inspection of the monument the experts were amazed by its striking and outstanding modern architecture which is of European value and were alarmed by its derelict condition. The delegates were impressed by the creativity and the skills used to create the monument, namely the craftsmanship for the mosaics and marble, and its beautiful natural setting. The experts acknowledged that Buzludzha is part of the collective memory of Bulgaria and Europe and therefore its preservation is of European significance.
The nomination was made by the Buzludzha Project Foundation, represented by the architect Ms. Dora Ivanova, who has been leading the initiative for the preservation of the monument since 2015. The key findings and recommendations of the mission will be published in a report by the end of 2018.

The Buzludzha Project