1st Prize
Cross-generational living

The joint design of DGI Bauwerk and GINA Barcelona Architects won the first prize in a Europe-wide competition for the planning of a cross-generational housing complex.

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At the restricted design competition organised by Neuwoges [Neubrandenburger Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH] a jury of 16 members voted in favour of the entrants design.

The design is aligned to the seven principles of Universal Design. It establishes a new confident urban structure, complementing its surroundings in a natural way, creating diverse relationships within the neighbourhood and giving the residential area of Neubrandenburg Ost a human scale. Supported by clean shapes, warm materials, a conscious use of colour to give the place a visible structure and through the variety of uses, the new housing complex will be a place that is vibrant and peaceful at the same time – a place for people to call home.

Further information on the project

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