Construction time on schedule – The Museum Barberini in Potsdam has openend

Construction time on schedule - The Museum Barberini in Potsdam has openend

On 20th January 2017, the museum was officially opened in the presence of Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel [CDU]. On 21st January 2017 the museum opened the first time for the public. At the opening, the museum shows three exhibitions with works from the collection of the arts patron Prof. Hasso Plattner, supplemented by high-quality loans.
DGI Bauwerk took over the tenders, awards and the construction supervision [building construction].

‘This is a prime example of cooperative building.’
Bernd Tibes, DGI Bauwerk

Reconstruction and the construction of museums caused high quality requirements for a very complex building task. Due to an opening date set by the client additional time pressure existed. Project risks were previously recorded and jointly assessed between the client, the project controlling and construction supervision. A very detailed design planning by Hilmer & Sattler and Albrecht enabled an early tendering. Several months before the actual start of construction the contracts with the participating companies were concluded, followed subsequently by intensive co-ordination sessions on the construction process with the commercial contractors. The result was a consensual schedule, which provided the basis for the subsequent high-frequency coordination and monitoring.
Because of the reconstruction of a historical structure, trades and working methods were used which are no longer quite common on construction sites, like natural stone and sculpture works and vault constructions.
Nevertheless, and with the very high quality requirements of the client, the goals were achieved qualitatively and on time – a structural handover before the agreed date.