FALSE MEMORIES Lena Olenhusen is our guest at DGI Bauwerk future lab

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The highlight of the official inauguration of the new planning workshop of DGI Bauwerk on the ground floor of Schillstraße 9A was an art event titled ‘False Memories’.
The work ‘False Memories’ from Lena Olenhusen reflects the unreliability of thoughts and memories. The total work consists of 45 individual drawings, which result in a variable composition. This work has now found its place in the conference room of DGI Bauwerk.

The artist Lena Olenhusen was born in Göttingen in1986, studied Free Painting and Graphics at the Academy of Graphic Arts and Book Design in Leipzig. Since her graduation in 2015 the artist lives and works in Berlin. Lena Olenhusen focuses in her artistic work on portrayal of landscapes. It is not a reflection of natural realities, but rather the creation of changed realities. An elementary component and starting point of her works is the cutting, falsifying and further processing of her own photographs and sketches.