The India Smart Cities Challenge

The Smart Cities Mission is an urban renewal and retrofitting programme by the Government of India. The mission is to develop 100 cities all over the country as the core of new economic activity clusters, making them citizen friendly and sustainable. The latest technologies are used in the fields of energy and water, recycling and resource management, mobility and urban resilience. Due to the programme, appropriate conditions for a successful access to the Indian market for international partners and companies will be established. This will establish the appropriate conditions for successfully affording further market access for international partner and companies in India. German expertise is highly valued in India, especially for the core competencies of German economy, technology, innovation, quality standards, energy efficiency, management and scheduling. Exactly these competencies are of great importance for new infrastructure projects. However, the participation of the German government and respective companies is made difficult, largely through complex tender and award processes. This issue – which hinders German influence and participation in large infrastructure projects in developing countries – is what we want to change.




Indo-German Smart Initiative as ‘igniting stimulus’

We are a German initiative of architects and engineers with experience in India. We see ourselves as initiators for a holistic Geman-Indian model project. Currently we are discussing the planning strategies to connect ideas, interdisciplinary knowledge and specific designs into exciting future projects. The German initiative focuses on competences and works interdisciplinary, intercultural and independent.



<< The tool of integrated urban development is a key competence of German planners and architects to manage complex processes. >>

Dipl.-Ing. Architect





The Buzludzha Project, Bulgaria

In 2015 DGI employee Dora Ivanova founded the independent initiative ‘Buzludzha Project’ to revitalise the Bulgarian Buzludzha monument at the top of a mountain in the Stara Zagora region. In her master thesis, she developed a concept for the careful restoration and museological use of the futuristic appearing building. The project has already been awarded the special prize of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria and is attracting national and international attention.
Designed by the architect Georgi Stoilov as a socialist monument on a historically significant summit, the monument was founded in 1981. It was financed by donations from the Bulgarian population. More than 6,000 workers were involved in the structural implementation. 70,000 tons of concrete and nearly 3,000 tons of steel were installed.
The structure, similar in construction to a UFO, contains a hall with diameter of 60-meter. Inside a colored mosaic of 1000 sqm covered the walls all around. Since the early 1990s, the building has been forgotten and abandoned. Every year the Buzludzha Monument is visited by thousands of visitors from Bulgaria and abroad.

<< Buzludzha is significant and stands for hundreds of monuments and buildings in Bulgaria from the time of socialism that are abandoned or destroyed. On behalf of my foundation, I asked the Ministry of Culture to convert the building into an awarded monument status.
That would be a first step. >>

M. Sc. Architecture