50HERTZ TRANSMISSION GMBH, BERLIN, GERMANY Multifunctional office and switching station building with an underground parking

50Hertz is responsible for the operation, maintenance, planning, and expansion of the 380/220 kilovolt transmission grid throughout the northern and eastern part of Germany. A Transmission Network Operator is the interface between energy producers and consumers, operating and expanding the power transmission grids or balancing frequency and voltage. On the ground of the Berlin Charlottenburg transformer station DGI Bauwerk design a multi-functional office and switching station building with an underground parking for 100 employees. The four-storey building is located in a gap between buildings. The average property width amounts to approx. 41.5 m and the property depth amounts to approx. 14.5 m. Access to the building is controlled for employees. On the ground floor you will find the hall with a crane system for a 110 kV switching station, a switchboard, a doorman / caretaker’s room and two garages for lorries and trailers. On the first to third floor, office space is provided. On the fourth floor, a cafeteria is planned along with a further building unit. The underground car park, house technology and workshop rooms as well as a cable cell and a workshop space for repair work are located on the ground floor. A two-storey pedestal divides the façade horizontally and begins with the main entrance and the passageway. The façade will implement different coloured fiber cement boards. The vertically structure of the façade is constructed by rotating louvres made of perforated sheet to shade the window surfaces.
The construction work is carried out during the ongoing operation of the substation located on the property.

HOAI work stages

HOAI phases 2-8 | Fire prevention