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  • Neubau Schule Sanierung Sporthalle
  • Neubau Schule Sanierung Sporthalle


Because of the removal of asbestos, with the exception of the sports hall the former school centre in Berlin-Charlottenburg was demolished. The construction of the college for personal care is designed as urban perimeter block around a courtyard. It opens up two storeys to the south and east and thus also integrates the remaining outdoor spaces. On the ground floor, next to the cafeteria, several specialised practice rooms including rooms for archives and art are located. The foyer leads up to the first floor with classrooms and library. The classrooms are designed around the courtyard. The appearance of the building ensemble is characterised by yellow brick façades.
By playing with formats, surface and colourings of the widely varying brick, an almost homogeneously and lively building shell is achieved.
A particular technical challenge was to manufacture identical surfaces of the new and existing building.
The sports hall was reconstructed and energetically optimised during normal operations, hazardous substances were removed and recycled, furthermore considerable functional deficiencies were repaired so that the building meets today’s requirements of sport facilities.

HOAI work stages

6-9 HOAI


2005 - 2009


Farwick & Grote Architekten