A heterogeneous spatial programme on a confined site – this is how the task for the Centre for Lightweight and Environmentally Friendly Buildings (ZeLuBa) can be described. In accordance with the research at the ZeLuBa, the focus of the planning was on the use of renewable raw materials in combination with conventional materials.
In a joint venture, DGI Bauwerk and schneider+schumacher planned a new building consisting of three structures.
In addition to the single-storey testing hall with an earthquake test stand that is unique in Europe, laboratory rooms with a high sensitivity to vibrations were required as well as office rooms and a seminar room.
The hall and the office-laboratory block are accessed via a single-storey structure. This connecting structure is a three-dimensional reinforced concrete construction that forms the necessary fire wall – and at the same time the communicative centre with entrance foyer and seminar room.

Wood – as a light and environmentally friendly building material – was the material for the implementation. In agreement with the client and the user, hybrid timber constructions were implemented. The structural and physical advantages of wood, steel elements and prefabricated concrete parts were combined. This resulted in functionally, constructively and economically optimised constructions for the different requirements.


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ARGE ZELUBA [DGI Bauwerk | schneider + schumacher]


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