Since the 1960s, the Institute for Nuclear Chemistry and its research reactor TRIGA Mainz are a leading institution in the field of nuclear and radiochemistry in Germany. One main focus is the production of short-term reaction products and their investigation with dedicated chemical separation methods. It is also being researched on the chemical properties of the heaviest elements and the synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals for imaging techniques.
The Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz will replace the building of the Institute for Nuclear Chemistry from the 1960s at its institute site. The existing Institute of Nuclear Chemistry has a research reactor and is directly connected with adjacent laboratory buildings. It no longer complies with the valid safety regulations and is therefore replaced during operation of the reactor. All in all, new buildings as well as construction measures on existing buildings are being planned.
The new institute building consists of radionuclide laboratories, which are to be planned and executed according to the requirements of the nuclear supervision, as well as of measurement and intermediate storage facilities for radioactive waste. In this monitored area, radioactive substances are tested up to 102 times the exemption limit. In the public area, there are measurement rooms, offices and seminar rooms. The new construction of Institute of Chemistry is also connected to the reactor building with an underground link for accessing and guiding the technical pipelines. In addition, a connection to the existing laboratory building is being provided. In these areas reconstruction and renovation measures are necessary. Infrastructure operations are also needed to supply the building complex.In addition to the usual public-law procedures, the building permit process includes according to the Radiation Protection Ordinance [StrlSchV] special high level and complex requirements, both to the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and to the DGI Bauwerk Design team.
The technical centre for the operation of the reactor and for the supply of a existing laboratory building will be located in the new building. The switching process of supply during the ongoing operation of the reactor represents the greatest technical and logistical challenge.

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