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Müritzeum, Waren/Müritz, Germany
Nature Discovery Center Müritzeum

The museum is located prominently on the southern shore of the lake Herrensee on the Müritz. The natural environment next to the water and the distinctive conical shape of the building, the use of special materials and the rapid construction are among the particular challenges.
In collaboration with the Faculty of Wood Engineering of the University of Applied Sciences in Eberswalde, a suitable surface conservation technique for the wooden façade is developed based on historical models. The black, partially silvery iridescent surface receives its patina by treatment with fire. The so-called carbonisation is optimised in numerous experiments and produced by technically adapted machines. Due to this technique, 20,000 linear metres of wooden planks are manufactured and incorporated in the façade.

HOAI work stages

1-9 HOAI, General Planning


2004 - 2007


Wingardh Architektkontor [S]