• Neubau Forschungsgebäude UFZ Leipzig - DGI Bauwerk


The UFZ is a member of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres and the first large-scale research institution of the Federal Republic, which deals exclusively with environmental
research. It is intended to build a new laboratory building with research facilities for the Department of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Technology at the science park. The contest entry [3rd prize] provides a cube with a slight twist in the axis of the campus structure that mediates between campus and city. So the laboratory high-rise builing creates a supra-local address and generates a clear prelude to the research campus at the same time. The building is arranged parallely to the road and faces the campus creating a square. This welcoming character is further emphasized by the slight recoil of the facade and a spaciously designed foyer. The laboratories and offices are located in clusters around the inner core and the communication zone and are flexibly furnished as open plan or cellular office.

HOAI work stages

Competition 3rd prize




DGI Bauwerk with BE Berlin GmbH