‘’The education centre ‘Tor zur Welt’ is a key project of an education offensive for the International Building Exhibition Hamburg. It combines renovations and new constructions for three different schools [Helmut Schmidt high school, Elbinsel-school and a former school for children with speech defects] with non-educational institutions:
The Elbinsel-School with an integrated environmental centre and a regional training and consulting centre was created by merging the institute ‘Rebus’, the former school for children with speech defects, the building of the Helmut-Schmidt-High School as well as the‘gate house’. The ‘gate house’ will be used by the non-school institutions – like the community college, theatre, parents’ school, cafeteria and production kitchen. The ‘street of learning’ on the ground floor connects all buildings with each other and links the educational centre with its environment. On the site of the Helmut-Schmidt-High School, the upper and middle school, an administrative building, a sports centre, a science centre of the secondary school as well as a school & business centre for the professional and educational orientation are located. A striking new construction is the glassy energy centre, which is located in the middle of the buildings. From here, the entire new building is supplied.
The building is constructed in the passive house standard and certificated with DGNB gold. Though this, the ‘Tor zur Welt’ is a model for energy efficient and sustainable building.

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