Sustainable Building

Assuming responsibility – Sustainable planning and building combines different goals for optimal results.
We value economy, ecology and social requirements as equal objectives.

Integrated Planning – thinking in long-term dimensions, analyse the choices
Sustainable buildings of high quality are created in cooperation with the client and all project participants involved.

>> Sustainability aims at creating habitable buildings and urban environments – with an added value for inhabitants and the environment. Our trained DGNB / BNB auditors offer consulting services and cooperate with clients in developing sustainability-oriented strategies.
The focus is on conserving natural resources, construction, durability, long-term profitability and life cycle costs. DGI Bauwerk is a member of the German Society for Sustainable Building – DGNB. <<


Sustainable Energy Supply

Ecologically and economically reasonable  – Energy-Efficient Building and Renovation
We are further qualified in services such as:
Energy Consulting and Concepts
Passive House Design
Energy-Efficient Modernisation of Buildings
German Regulations on Energy Saving [EnEV] Thermal Building Simulation.



Sustainability and Certification

DGNB / BNB consultancy – The sooner the more cost effective.
Certificates serve as proof of a generally acknowledged technological standard and provide certified added value to the building. Our DGNB / BNB auditors advise clients wishing to certify their buildings according to German standards.


Sustainable construction materials

Selecting building materials according to ecological criteria for the protection of human life and the environment
We integrate material requirements for ecolabels and criteria for management quality into tender documents and monitor the appropriate adaptation on site.

Fire Prevention

Bespoke buildings require tailor made solutions – we plan requirements and answers to reduce fire hazards in all types of buildings with a strong emphasis on scientific and research facilities.

Fire prevention solutions as part of the building permit application –  integration into planning at an early stage

>> In all design phases a holistic fire protection and prevention concept will  guarantee building permission and implementation of
appropriate solutions. <<

Dipl.-Ing. Architect
Managing Director



Evaluating existing buildings and their protection – solving imminent problems

The aim of our qualified fire prevention monitoring and evaluation is to optimise technical and economical effort in adapting current standards to refurbishment and modernisation projects.



Fire Prevention for Construction Management

Site supervision of  technical fire prevention measures is an important element of consistent quality assurance. We ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations and contribute to meeting cost and time objectives.


Fire prevention and escape documents

We set up easy to understand escape and rescue plans and we develop fire fighting regulations and orientation plans. Everything in accordance with related standards and local fire brigades.

Health- and Safety Coordination

Improved work safety on construction sites – ensures undisrupted progress – Our experts for health and safety coordination advise and coordinate projects during design and construction phases and ensure smooth progress on site.

>> Plans and construction drawings are analysed by our coordinator on health and safety risks to introduce organisational and logistical changes for greater safety. <<

Dipl.-Ing. Architect



Crucial steps – for construction sites and buildings in use

Early in the design stage, health and safety hazards to construction work on site and maintenance on and in the building Our experts for health and safety coordination develop appropriate and practical solutions and describe them in safety and health plans and documents.


Occupational Health and Safety Coordination – increases certainty in time, cost and quality

Independent inspections on site lead to coordinated security measures that are adapted for the requirements of various areas and provided for shared use. Organised and optimised safety at work will demonstrably improve results.



Hazardous materials are everywhere – special handling required

When demolishing hazardous materials, refurbish or converted buildings, we offer additional services for hazardous waste management. Our experts have specific technical knowledge of managing hazardous substances and dangerous goods in line with regulations of safety requirements.